Senator Reilly to Speak at Autumn Auction for Autism FYI in One Week

Senator Edward Reilly (R-33) will be a headline speaker at the Autumn Auction of Autism FYI Organization on Saturday October 15 at The Hill Center in Washington, D.C.

Autism FYI Organization is headed and was founded by renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. James R. Benjamin.


His wife, Joyce Benjamin, is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officers. Two of their children are on the Spectrum. About autism, Senator Reilly stated, “For me, in is not an issue of science or technology, but one of compassion and understanding.”

He furthered that, “Too many times there are tragic incidents when those on the spectrum are not recognized as such by those in authority. What is truly tragic about his is that so many times those in authority like police officers would be the first to help those on the spectrum if only they recognized the conditions and were trained how to react appropriately. It is not that police officers and others lack compassion and understanding. They do not. I have met and come to know very many dedicated public servants who wear the badge to protect and serve. But they are limited by their training and their understanding. That is where those of us in office and in the audience tonight must do all that we can so not just police officers, but other first responders recognize those on the spectrum and are trained how to react accordingly.”

The private sector has a role to play too, Reilly noted.

The Republican Senator from Crofton pointed out, “The private sector needs to be trained better to maximize the potential of those on the spectrum. Creative genius is often times not recognized.”

For more information, please visit the website of Autism FYI Organization. Clicking on this link takes you to the YouTube Channel for Austism FYI Organization.


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