No Need 2 Go 2 Northern Cali, Eastern France, or Western Maryland w Great Frogs, Thanksgiving Farm, & Vineyards at Dodon n Southern Anne Arundel Cty!

There is no need to travel to Napa in Northern California, Bordeaux in Eastern France, or Frederick or Westminster in Western Maryland when wineries such as Great Frogs, Thanksgiving Farm, and the Vineyards at Dodon are in Southern Anne Arundel County!

There is much that makes Anne Arundel County “The Land of Pleasant Living!”

The quality of life in the Chesapeake Bay region is unmatched. That is why the name of my televisions show is, “Doing Business in The Land of Pleasant Living.” The presence of The Vineyards at Dodon, Thanksgiving Farm Winery, and Great Frogs Winery all enhance the charms of The Land of Pleasant Living. All are located in Southern Anne Arundel County, not that far from Annapolis.

In alphabetical order, Great Frogs Winery is located at 3218 Harness Creek Road, Annapolis, MD 21403. The phone number is (410) 626-6193.


The Vineyards at Dodon are at 391 Dodon Road in Davidsonville, Maryland, 21035. Dodon Vineyards can be reached at 410-798-1126.


Not that far away from Dodon and Great Frogs is Thanksgiving Farm Winery at 195 Harwood Road in Harwood, Maryland, 20776. The phone number for Thanksgiving Farm Winery is 410-630-1511.

Earlier this year, I wrote an article for The Capital about making Crofton in Anne Arundel County the wine capitol of Maryland.

This will help Dodon, Great Frogs, and Thanksgiving Farms.

What will also help Dodon, Great Frogs, and Thanksgiving Farms is for more to visit. All are close enough for combining a day trip that takes in all three. There is no better way to enjoy an afternoon in The Land of Pleasant Living! The tasting rooms at each are lovely and worth the drive.

Most important of all is to enjoy your wine and any alcoholic beverage responsibly!

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